Baking (with essays!)

Baking (with essays!)


Sorry I haven’t posted for a little while, but the reality of essays and deadlines caught up with me a little bit last week, and I had to impose a baking ban! I am happy to say that these have all been handed in now, and I can bake freely again! This post will basically be a round up of everything I’ve baked in the last couple of days.


So, it was Halloween on Thursday, and, not being able to choose between making a cake or biscuits, I decided to do both, and make this graveyard cake! I made the inside of this a chequerboard cake – inspired by Kimberley’s one in the Great British Bake Off final. The pink cake was supposed to be blood red, but for some reason our campus shop doesn’t stock red gel food colouring…!


Today it’s my flatmate’s birthday, so to celebrate I made her a brownie stack! This is basically brownies stacked up and drizzled with melted chocolate, then sprinkled with chocolate chips, to make a chocolatey browniey (yes that is a word!) pile, which is perfect to share.



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