Raspberry and nectarine crumble

Raspberry and nectarine crumble


This crumble is based on a recipe by Deliciously Ella, who has an amazing new book full of healthy vegan and gluten free recipes. It came about when my sister came to stay with me for the weekend and after a long walk we really wanted to do some baking. However she has given up sugar for Lent, so we were very limited as to what we could make! I bought Ella’s book a couple of days ago, so we looked through it for inspiration and found this crumble recipe. Ella uses maple syrup for sweetener, which we replaced with a homemade date syrup (after a mad dash to Aldi for dates!) to keep it sugar free.

We used nectarines and raspberries, and the raspberries went all jammy and lovely, but you could also use blackberries, apples, pears or any other fruit you fancy! This crumble is gluten free, using coconut oil and almonds in place of butter and flour, and is delicious served with some natural yogurt.

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