Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

IMG_6539[1]Sometimes you just need some chocolate in your life, and these squidgy, swirled cupcakes with cream cheese icing are the perfect way to get it. The use of plain flour instead of self raising, with just a bit of baking powder and bicarb, mean that the cakes are dense and moist, but also rise enough.

It’s important that you use a good quality peanut butter for the swirl, if you use a cheap one with lots of added sugar, the cake will be too sweet, and will lack a real peanut butter flavour. We had a 1kg tub of Meridian crunchy peanut butter in the cupboard which I used, Meridian is a really good brand to use because they don’t add sugar to their peanut butter, and it’s also made without using palm oil.


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